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Programming | Reverse Engineering | Operating Systems

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering For Beginners

This course is designed for system programmers and engineers who need an introduction to reverse engineering. As many chapters were dedicated to x64 Assembly programming, the material presented here will be useful even to those who are not planning to become a reverse enginer but they are only seeking to make their code more robust.


Data Structures And Algorithms

This course develops your ability to design processes for solving problems and to implement algorithms efficiently within software. Although the language of choice for this course is Java, all code is easily portable to any other language as it does not strongly depend on any specific Java library or framework.

BlockChain For Beginners

This course is designed for students with basic programming skills and it is an introduction to the BlockChain technology. This course will provide you with an overview of BlockChain inner workings rather than teach you how to invest in any specific cryptocurrency (BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, etc…).

Operating Systems

Embedded Linux

Introduction to Embedded Linux Systems covering toolchains, the booting process with U-Boot and BareBox, the linux kernel, BusyBox, the initramfs, device nodes, network configuration, file system configuration, BuildRoot and the Yocto Project